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Jones Residence


The front roof of the Jones’ house was shaded significantly by trees across the street in a town park. Unable to eliminate the shading from these trees, SolarFlair instead took a look at an adjacent garage for a solar install. Fortunately, the garage had great access to the sun. By installing a 3.7kW solar energy system on just the garage, the family is able to produce about 50% of their electricity consumption. The system was designed using an all black panel that allows for a more aesthetically pleasing install.

The Jones’ are very excited that their 2 young children will grow up in a home that consumes electricity made by the sun, and hope it will help future generations to realize the viability of renewable energy.

State and Federal incentives will cover 54% of the solar electric system’s turn-key cost within the first year. SRECs and utility bill savings will pay for the system in 5 years. With a 25 year warranty on the panels, they can be sure the system will produce electricity long after the system reaches the break-even point.  

  • (20) Suntech STP185 panels
  • (1) Solectria Renewables PVI4000 grid-tied inverter